Oh the joy of IT, factuality, materiality—oblivious to itS creations

                 Durga's jumping feet, alizerain breath of sweat's tenacity

                                  blasting down draft of a bird's wing, cobalt blue of chaos

                                                   we particulates, bycasts & unknowns

                                                                    reach for elysium

                                                                                     compose cantos to certainty

                                                                                                      dance inside the unknown



she|he loathes & loves

joy, fear & oh



this eye, this sweet presence, this body, this body

sensorium's voices of belonging, tongue to tongue, sound under sound

cognate, curried, autonomous morphogenic eye


     hyacinth breath as the body

     communicates with the fledgling syntactical mind, swee of

     cedar waxwing coming to call


each and every vertebrae attends—ear of perineum—

eye of the grinding heel

Being reformulates the notion of sign in purely energetic terms

these ardent verses, meaning emerging from cell



elysium filia moleculo, joy, fear & oh


                                                                    to take action, we particles biddable to field operators

                                                   imagination supervening upon the grey

                                  beach stone, this substrate, this besotted plain

                 we ephemeral patterns of energy

our green dream of freedom