she|he does not know the world, is born longing to stay in it




necessary unity of blossom and syntax


            we non-omniscients of the material


born in dreams


                                         composite                                            meaning with the sleeping body


she|he woke there


dropped from the maternal thigh

dropped spicy, winded from…




...scrambled out of reach mere seconds...


grey plain of molecular creation


Durga                     feet stomp dance

giving birth, oblivious, ecstatic



the greY field trembling

her pounding feet


we childish survivors, immediate and discerning, make haste for the horizon


an ocher spot under Her foot, wet dram of those who didn't move

                                             fast enough


our translucent skins, we chemical machines, she|he, rowan tree, rabbits, fluttering seeds


gawk back ardently