she|he snuck under the canvas wall;

circus pinned emerald,



on the edge of the bounding plain


reality seemed a vertiginous map


ratcheted up banks of wooden pews

                                                             audiences tense

topological display of social rectitude

choked fingers in fist’s clinch, seeds untwittered along still branches


Durga’s children seek amongst tulle banners, plumed horses, tumblers and high-wire prancers


big-top pronouncements

that loud man in a top hat




why, what for


to know


where the next foot will fall




Giantess of all circular things, radii reined

saddled pi & rode sublunary spires

grazed subsequent, carnal intersections

                   absurdity in the absence of god: born face to face with the irrational


more practically, how to avoid